Book Of Wisdom

Book of Wisdom

A thought filled gift for you,
family, friends and co-workers

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More than 500 thought provoking and inspiring words of wisdom from some of our world’s greatest minds. Created over many years of research, for and by people, who want a better world. For maximum exposure, the book is designed to hang in a lunchroom, living room or washroom.

A free push pin is included with every book. We ask that you hang the book in your guest washroom for maximum exposure.

Book Of Wisdom Preview

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“A timeless cache of inspiration, filled with
thought provoking and relevant guiding principles and calming truisms that can be applied to life today, and beyond. It’s how I feel.” Kel

“It’s amazing how you can open the book
to a random page and find a quote With personal significance.” Sterling Aurel

“Global Harmony’s book of quotes is rich with wonderful and soulful texts from throughout the ages. I recommend it for anyone searching to spread kindness in our world”. West

“The book is almost magical… In time of need, I pick it up, randomly open a page and read a quotation. It always seems to give me the answers I’m looking for…” Cam

” Global Harmony’s Book of Quotations was a great eye opener for me. While I had heard of some of the quotations within the book, most were new and very educational. It is a real pleasure to open the book every day and read something inspiring or informative. There are many different topics so it always new and surprising. What I find most effective is that it combines fact based quotations that broaden my awareness of world issues with thoughtful words from some of the planet’s wisest people. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a daily dose of wisdom. ” Erin

“I am writing this testimonial as both my son and I really enjoyed the book, we keep a copy in our bathroom and most nights while in the tub we find a quote that we find inspiring or educational. We then memorize that quote and recite it to one another sometime during the day or night. We have found there is always something that will ring true to our hearts and say what we believe. My 12 year old son has shared this book with his friends and they too have started to memorize quotes. This book has spoken to our hearts and our minds.We have even started to think more about people globally and the importance of our of our earth. Thank you Cobz, founder of Global Harmony. You have made a difference.” Sincerely, Jamie & Cody

“I love the Global Harmony book. I’ve shared it with coworkers while on breaks. I love the powerful message it contains, and just wish that everyone could get a chance to read it, and be receptive
to the powerful truths this “little, but mighty” book has to offer.” Kara

“I am so proud of you and grateful for such an amazing and enlightening book of quotations. Your book truly demonstrates how much you really care about this universe that we call home. I have personally seen, and appreciate, how much loving care and the many years of research that went into finding each and every one of the quotations. There are so many beautiful little gems of knowledge with so much positive energy for everyone who reads this amazing book. In fact, I find myself recalling favourite passages quite often, or going back to read certain quotations that move me and make me realize the true importance of life.

I love the way that your book has touched me and I know many of the quotations will stay with me forever. I love you for all your thoughtful and endearing ways.” Mom

To Whom it may concern:
“In December of 2004 we decided to try the Global Harmony
book of quotations in our store. They merchandise
very well, taking up very little room while being
a very attractive presentation. The price point is
certainly good and we had no trouble selling them
in the store. We have since continued to order them
for our store and even outside of the Christmas
season they continue to be a good product. As a
suggestive selling, or add-on gift they are a
great fit. I have no hesitation recommending this
product to other stores looking for a great, unique
product to offer.”
Mark Girvan
Arbour Environmental Shoppe
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“The books were a great success.”
Terry Taylor
Ten Thousand Villages

People In The Book


“The following is a list of some of the world’s most thoughtful beings whose wisdom is contained in Global Harmony book of wisdom. You will find they have skin tones that are brown, black, white and shades in between with eyes that are round and those that are not, some are peace activists, nuns, politicians, aboriginal and Buddhists, some have attained a higher level of spirituality like Jesus, Buddha and the Dalai Lama, some focus on mediation some on meditation but I believe they are each a reflection of the diversity and similarity of all people in our world wanting a peaceful and sustainable world. I hope you will join us in understanding and becoming the change we need by searching for, understanding and acting on their wisdom.”
Cobz, Founder and Guide, Global Harmony

Martin Luther King, Jr
Albert Einstein
Benjamin Franklin
John Lennon
John F. Kennedy
Nelson Mandela
Lao Tzu, 700 BC
Mother Theresa
Leslie Cagan,
Maya Angelou
Marie Curie,
Golda Meir

John Kenneth Galbraith
Albert Einstein
Deepak Chopra
Margaret Mead
Regina Brave
Morihei Ueshiba
Kahil Gibran
Red Cloud-Sioux Chief
Hazel Henderson
Marilyn Ferguson
George Orwell

Noam Chomsky
Dalai Lama
Elizabeth May
David Icke
Thomas Jefferson
Leo Tolstoy
Marianne Williamson
Malcolm X
Arun Gandhi
David Suzuki
Holly Dressel
Bob Marley