Our commercial grade decals are one of our simplest, most effective and inexpensive ways for people, schools, organizations and businesses to show their desire for, and belief, that we should strive to live in Global Harmony that is defined as a peaceful and sustainable world.

For cars, homes, schools, businesses and more

A vehicle with one of our decals may be seen by hundreds to
Thousands of people every time it is driven.

On Homes

A home with one of our decals lets everyone know the people residing in the home desire a peaceful and sustainable world. It also lets people know the home is a place of Compassion, non-violence, anti-racism, happiness, and harmony.


On Businesses, Schools, Organizations & more!

Any location with a decal shows that the owners or those in charge care about our world and desire one that lives peacefully and sustainable.

Choose from 5 Decal Options

With your help we can have Global Harmony decals on cars, homes and businesses in all cities and towns around the world. We ask that you display a decal and help promote Global Harmony in your area showing others that you desire and support a peaceful and sustainable world.