Our Declaration of Global Harmony is a worldwide agreement that you and every person on the planet can personally endorse. It sets the basic standards for the treatment and the rights of all the people of our world, for our planet, its resources, and all its residents. With it we intend to prove humanities desire for, and commitment to, a peaceful and sustainable world. Once you have reviewed it we ask that you “like” it to assist in its global promotion. We also offer the ability to download it and a printable version so you can share it with others.

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Declaration of Global Harmony

All discrimination and violence are repellent to me -my methodology for transforming the world and myself is active non-violence. My moral principle is to, “Treat others as I would like to be treated.” I will maintain a mutual, universal respect for other humans’ dignity and do everything in my power to avoid “shaming” others. I believe violence is never justified, that violent retaliation will never bring peace and leads only to further retaliation with the eventual use of weapons of mass destruction, the elimination of life and of our planet’s life supporting systems and the extermination of humanity.

I believe we are all responsible for one another and that there needs to be a universal principal of mutual care. I believe all human beings deserve a fair chance at a decent life, no matter what their race or economic circumstance. I believe every human being has the right to adequate food, health care, education, and housing, and the right to choose and build his or her future. I believe it is entirely possible to fulfil these basic rights for all, to change our social and economic systems in which we now live to reflect this belief.

I believe I am one of many parts of the environment. Because of this, I must view the interests of the environment as the interest of myself. I am an interdependent part of the ecosystem. Every species, no matter how small or large or intelligent or powerful, depends on others. Human destruction of the environment is disastrous for all species, for the entire ecosystem and therefore disastrous to my well being and the well being of those who follow.

I believe the well being of the environment should be a major concern to humanity. I believe I do not have the right to exploit and destroy it. I recognize that what happens in one part of a system affects every other part (often in unexpected ways), that humans are a part of the natural systems, that humans are threatening themselves by deteriorating natural functions and, finally, that there are great possibilities to change into a global society that is sustainable and lives in Global Harmony.

I understand human needs and wants are systematically degrading the collective capacity of the Earth’s ecosystems to meet these demands. I will learn to live using fewer resources. I will avoid products that are taking more from the biosphere than can be replenished by natural systems. I will practice the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Rethink and Recycle in order to achieve sustainability.

As a guardian of this planet I declare I have a responsibility to do everything in my power to live in harmony with the planet, its inhabitants, the self and humanity. I will respect and not destroy nature, not overexploit natural resources, and do what I can to ensure other animals survive and live in nature as well.

By liking this page I am agreeing with the principles set out in this Declaration of Global Harmony. I am agreeing to do what I can and to learn what I can do to ensure the survival of our planet and humanity. I agree to learn and to share with others in my community how to live in harmony with the planet, with the self, with humanity and with all other life forms. I agree to understand what must be done, what can be done, how it can be done and finally I agree to do it.

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