Our Symbol

The combination of the five icons in our Symbol creates the
representation of Global Harmony which we define as:
“A peaceful and sustainable world guided by democratic wisdom,
peace, compassion, happiness and harmony for all”


About Each Icon

Democratic Wisdom

Our Orca Democratic Wisdom symbol is two Orcas in the shape of a yin yang representing our belief that democratic wisdom is needed to live in harmony. We chose Orcas as they are often called “Killer Whales” when in fact they are part of the Dolphin family that lives in all or our planet’s oceans playing a critical role in keeping our them balanced. This truth symbolizes the wisdom that we must truly understand our planet and ourselves if we are to create a world that lives in Global Harmony.

The four icons below the Wisdom Orca icon are symbols of our belief that in addition to wisdom the path to a sustainable world includes peace, compassion, happiness and harmony for all. By displaying our symbol you promote Global Harmony and you let others know that this person or place believes in Peace, Compassion, Happiness and Harmony for all.