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Our 3 Wise Gifts Special Offer

3 Gifts That Promote & Create Global Harmony

Our 3 Wise Gifts play a Strategic role in generating awareness of the plan and promote Global Harmony in your local community. Contribute $40 USD and get all three ( Save $10 USD on the gifts and shipping)

Organic cotton T-shirts

Hundreds to thousands of people will see your T-shirt and it’s powerful message when worn

Choose from 28 back options, 3 front options, and 3 colours.

A Large Global Harmony Decals

A commercial grade decal for your car, home or businesses

A low cost and highly effective way to show your support for Global Harmony

Book of Wisdom

More than 500 thought provoking and inspiring words of wisdom from some of our world’s greatest minds. Created over many years of research, for and by people, who want a better world.